What You Need To Know About Spotify As A Nigerian Or Ghanian Artist

What You Need To Know About Spotify As A Nigerian Or Ghanian Artist - Diva9ja

It’s really a thing of joy that the world’s most popular and most used music streaming platform with over 286 million active users has finally made itself available to the 3rd world countries like Nigeria and, not so sure Ghana (yeah Ghana should not be placed in the same category with Nigeria, there should be an Upper , Middle and Lower Levels of 3rd Word Countries, and my brother Nigeria no enter the Top 2). 

Before, for you to listen to a song on Spotify, you had re-route (change) your phones, laptops and Ipods to a more civilized country’s location like USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa and more using VPN’s, yeah it’s not only Yahoo Boys that use VPNs too, Nigerian artist like I (Shun Hybrid) and even your celebrities (DaVido, Olamide, Mr Eazi and more who has been releasing songs on Spotify), could only access Spotify through the use of highly strong and paid VPNs or by actually being in those countries, (as for me, I never even enter Plane, Boat or Train talk-less of crossing borders), but all these changed yesterday night, being the 23rd of February, 2021. These will be one of the biggest breakthroughs for most hardworking Nigerian artist, why? 

Because for every original song of yours as an artist, you upload on the streaming Platform Spotify, you automatically start making money off your streams from the first 1 stream to infinity, yeah that’s real, it’s not like Audiomack where you get nothing unless you are a verified artist with the orange badge (na wa o)

I believe you are already smiling on hearing this.. well there are steps you need to take as you the artist can’t actually or directly upload your songs on Spotify like you do on Audiomack. You must be signed to a record label!!

I’m kidding bro, lols. I’m sorry for playing with you, you can release your songs yourself without the help of a record label, you can totally do it as an independent artist, I’ve been doing the same for the past 6 years and to be honest, I’ve made over $300 from Spotify alone.. 

You just said WTF, Damn, or $300 in 6 years? Lol, it’s not that easy to make millions when you don’t have a lot of people listening to you, but I pray that by the end of today, you will listen to my songs on Spotify and trust me, I might be your next favorite rapper (for real).

So To Cut The Whole Crap Of An Information You Needed;

How Do You Get Started?

Yeah I know that is what you might have in mind, so let’s dive right into it. 

Just like I said earlier, you can’t upload your songs on Spotify directly like you do on Audiomack, you need a music distributor as an independent artist or a record label that has the capability to release songs on Spotify.

Like I also said, I’ve been doing it myself for the past 6 years, below is my spotify page

How To Upload Your Songs On Spotify

Through Distributors or a Record Label

You need a distributor, so who is a Distributor? 

According to Horus Music, “A music distribution company signs deals with record labels or artists which then gives them the right to sell that their music to shops. A distributor can only sell to ships that have an account with the distributor. Put simply, the distributing company act as a middleman between the artist/record label and the store.” 

Talking more on distributors, there are distribution companies like Cdbaby, Distrokid, Tunecore, Ditto Music, Marapova Music, RepostNetwork and more. You can decide to choose any of which seems ok to you but mind you all have their ways of working, know more about them by clicking on each company mentioned above. I will be personally talking about the music distribution company, Marapova Music.

What Is Marapova Music?

Marapova Music is an online digital music distribution, marketing network and artist management company with a growing array of artistes, labels, comedians and content creators across the globe on its platform with radio rights to all content licensed. It is a subsidiary of Marapova Inc. founded by Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, blogger and computer scientist, Paul Akuj Maduagwu, popularly known as Shun Hybrid. Yeah, I own that b*tch hahaha, lols

Marapova Music helps independent artist and labels place their music on every music platforms that matters like Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer, TikTok, Vevo,and more for only N8,000 ($21) while giving you the artist 100% of everything money (known as Royalties) they collect on your before.

You need your music to work for you in multiple ways. Marapova Music gets artistes paid from more revenue sources than anyone else: streaming, downloads, YouTube monetization and more.

To Celebrate Spotify’s Lunch In Nigeria, Marapova Music will be distributing songs on Spotify for only N3,000 and if you happen to come across this coupon code “MSPOT50OFF” you will actually get to release your songs on Spotify for only N1,500, that is crazily mad.. don’t you think so?

Two Things To Have In Mind

1. Due to the great amount of artist submitting their songs daily to spotify, it takes any music distributor 2 to 3 weeks to have their songs reviewed, approved or rejected, for and from release on all stores.

2. Only Original Songs Will be released (no free downloaded beats, they will know when you do so and you will be in trouble)

Are You Ready To Work With Marapova Music?

 If Yes send them a mail via [email protected] or get to Paul Akuj, CEO off Marapova Music directly on WhatsApp via +2347052462640

How To Receive Your Money (also known as Royalties) From Spotify

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