BAHAMAS Annual Fashion And Food Fest to Debut in 2021

BAHAMAS Annual Fashion and Food Fest to Debut in 2021 on Diva9ja

BAHAMAS FEST; a food and fashion festival celebrating the Nigerian peoples and cultural heritage through Food, Fashion & Music is scheduled to launch this year. 

This event is the brainchild of Bright Okosodo also known as Richie Richie, CEO and Founder of Ghana based Bahamas Entertainment and Bahamas Collection.

He said the event will be held annually with the sole aim of promoting Nigerian fashion, foods and cultural heritage on a grand stage. The event which was slated to kick off in 2020 was postponed indefinitely due to the covid 19 pandemic. The festival  will be a 2day weekend event showcasing and spotlighting the best Nigerian fashion, foods, and cuisine in and around Accra, Ghana. 

Richie who is the main spearhead of thee event, said that he is currently shopping for partners and sponsorship for the event. The festival  which will also be used as a medium to promote Nigerian owned businesses in Ghana as well as introduce to other communities the diversity and richness of the Nigerian culture. 

BAHAMAS Annual Fashion And Food Fest to Debut in 2021

He said, “my objective is to use this event to create awareness for young teens. To make them aware that they can own businesses and be successful at whatever career or goals they choose to pursue in life”. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, no dates has been set in stone yet for the event. He said they will work hand in hand with medical experts to ensure that all safety protocols and recommendations are followed in line with government guidelines.

The festival will consists of two main parts: the fashion & food and entertainment showcases. The entertainment showcase will present performances by both upcoming and headline musical artists, while the fashion and food showcase will exhibit  different Nigeria fashion styles and food tasting contests.

Richie who is of Nigerian descent currently lives and does business in Accra, Ghana.