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Artist Biography, Snyno On Diva9ja

Alugwo Uka Ndubuisi (born 26th April 1997), popularly known as Snyno, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, music producer and dancer. He was born in the eastern region of Nigeria, Abia to be precise.

Artist Information 

Artist name: Snyno

Genre: Afrobeats, RnB

Language: English

Record Label: Independent 

Management: Marapova Music

How It Started;

While growing up, Snyno was always around a friend who was a producer, he would go to the studio and watch his friend produce beats and songs for other artist and one day, the producer said to him, “Bro, I thought you could sing, why not jump on this beat”. Snyno did as the producer suggested and thats how he’s debut single “Bad” was produced and released in the 2013. But it happened to be the last for Snyno at that stage in life. He was 16 years. 

Why Did He Stop?

Snyno’s family, not just his parents, but the entire family disapproved of what they thought he would become excluding his mom and sister. In Snyno’s words, 

“Well, my family didn’t really support me at first till last year when they saw the immense recognition music brought to me. My mom and sis has been my number one fan since day one. As a matter of fact not all my family members still support me being a musician.”

Snyno is back and ready to dish out the sounds he’s been creating while building up his confidence. 

Connect With Snyno

Instagram: https://instagram.com/snyno_om

Twitter: https://twitter.com/snyno_om

TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@snyno

Source: www.marapovamusic.com

MGT: Marapova Music