#BBNAIJA:Erica Confronts Wathoni About Kiddwaya


#BBNAIJA:Erica Confronts Wathoni About Kiddwaya
The big brother Naija is really getting fascinating as it enters another day.Season 5 of the show which has been going on since july and will be a 71 days show is now getting entertaining.

Big brother naija house today got tough as Erica accused Wathoni of behaving bad to her because of a guy while wathoni said she's not even interested in the guy.

The guy in question hasbeen revealed as Kiddwaya,The Billonaire's son. Wathoni was inlove with Kiddwaya at the early stage of the game but then lost interest when kidd started flirting with Erica.

The quarrel got heated when Erica involved Wathoni's son into the matter .she also accused Wathoni of not acting her age.

The quarrel started from when kaisha another BBN house mate asked why other housemates just fall inlove with people they barely know and wathoni contributed by saying she would never chase a man and therefore went forward to ask Kidd if he could chase a woman and Kidd said he would never do that.his reply made Erica feel like he was giving Wathoni the oppurtunity to insult her.

After the misunderstanding,Kiddwaya went to meet Erica to console her.On getting there Erica was crying this as kidd was consoling her he ended up kissing her, he also promised Erica that he will always be by her side no matter what .

At the other end,Wathoni was explaining to other housemates about the attitude Erica is exhibiting because of kiddwaya .

the question is Kiddwaya truely inlove with Erica as he claims or is just flirting with her?